Sustaining 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

God is doing something historic in this hour. We get to join with millions of believers around the world who are engaging in fasting and who are praying for at least one hour a day for 21 days (May 7 – 28) for the increase of God’s salvation promises and plans for Jerusalem and Israel.  

It is our joy and privilege to partner with God on his mission. Our times of prayer can be alone or with 2 or more (Matthew 28:20). And, we can engage in prayer virtually or in-person.  

On Pentecost Sunday on May 28, we are praying for Israel and we are asking the Spirit to mark 100 million believers with God’s heart for Jerusalem, the nation of Israel, and the Jewish people.   

To sustain your fast and prayers, I encourage you to access the resources on our Isaiah62Fast webpage or on the global website.  

Here is another awesome resource which Mike Bickle created: 21 Prayers for Israel and the Isaiah 62 Fast. The teams at asked Mike to help them with Scriptures and prayers to give them vocabulary for their intercession. What a great resource.  

On our Isaiah62Fast webpage are many other resources, as well as our schedule for corporate meetings.  

Sustaining prayer and fasting is easier when we do it together and when we have resources that help us to engage effectively. Getting together with others helps me stay in action and alignment with what I have committed to do. Using resources also helps give language and impetus to my prayers and fasting.   Most importantly, may God grant to each of his Spirit of grace and supplication in order that we might partner with God and others for this historic hour.  

Prayerfully and passionately,

Pastor Jeff

Isaiah62Fast webpage
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