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Calvary is a community of people making a journey with each other in following Jesus.

Calvary is a community of people making a journey with each other in following Jesus. That is the heart behind all we do– every ministry, every structure, every program, class, service, or event– we are here seeking to make a place where people can come and meet with God. May this be a place where you and I can encounter our Maker, praise our Father, surrender to our Master, and love the Lord our God with all our heart, and mind, and soul, and strength.

Have you found your place to help you in your journey? You are welcome to join us as we seek to follow God together.

Our Threefold Vision

  • Intimacy: Establishing people in intimacy with God.
  • Community: Expressing True Christian community.
  • Kingdom: Extending the Kingdom of God in the earth.

Our Story: Sharing Our Lives, Sharing the Journey, The Calvary Quest

Back in August of 1982, a new church started in Northwest Houston. Three men worked out of their cars. They knocked on thousands of doors, conducting a religious census. In the midst of these door-to-door encounters, they shared about a new church that was starting in the neighborhood. Seeds were planted.

Over the next weeks, the senior pastor and worship leader strategized about how to reach the people in the community. Both the pastor and worship leader came from full-time evangelistic ministries. A third member of the team, the youth pastor, would serve part-time on the weekends, while finishing his last semester in college. It was unusual for a church to start with three staff members. However, Calvary has always been known as a pioneering church. Follow-up visits, cards, letters, and calls took up most of their time. There were more doors to knock on…

Servant Team

Jeff McGee

Senior Pastor

Steve Meeks

prophetic elder

Becky Gressett

Children’s ministry

Jane Winne

Student ministry

Joshua Rushing

worship Pastor

Margaret Petry

small groups ministry

Cheryl Moses

ladies ministry & office coordinator

Marcella rundio

finance & administration

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