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Relational Christianity: Relational Christianity is a powerful set of concepts calling God’s children beyond the realm of doctrine and into the experience of life with God. Within these pages we are called to fundamental changes in the way we approach Christianity and the church. Steve Meeks writes directly to our hearts with words that both pierce and heal.

Incarnational Christianity: Incarnational Christianity is a powerful and practical challenge for God’s people to become what God has intended from the beginning – image bearers. Exploring the theme of the “image of God” in mankind, these pages call us to realize that humanity is God’s favorite medium for self-expression. This book inspires us to accept our dignity and distinction as those who are God’s thoroughfares into this world.

The Last Great Revival: The Last Great Revival calls the church to awaken from slumber and align ourselves with God’s Kingdom agenda for the earth.

The church is facing many difficulties. While many are saying that worldliness is a major problem in the church, I would like to add weariness to that list. Everywhere I go, I find churches that are tired. We are tired of man’s schemes and strategies. Out of our weariness, I hear the church beginning to ask, “Where is God?” Isn’t he what we need? Is it not his presence, his power, and the fulfillment of his promises that we are longing for? Yes! I believe the church and the world are headed for an encounter with the living God.

My reason for writing this book is to inspire the church to faith in the promises of God, hope for the increase of God’s divine activity in our midst, and love for his glorious Son. We desperately need hearts that love the appearing of our blessed hope, the very presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in our midst (Titus 2:13).

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