Become a Member

4 Steps to Become a Member

4 Steps to Become a Member

1. Indicate Your Desire to Join Calvary Using the Calvary Connection Card

As you listen to the Lord, God will lead you to plug into a local congregation where you are known and get to know others, where you receive ministry and learn how to minister to others. The Lord puts us into spiritual families. We want to help your find your place, and it would be our joy to have you join with us. When you attend one of our services, simply grab a Calvary Connection Card and fill it out. A Calvary Connection Card can be found in the church bulletin, at the Welcome Center, or at the end of each row of seats in our auditorium. After you fill out the information side of the card, turn it over and check “I’m interested in: Joining your church.” Please turn in that completed Connection Card in the offering basket, at the Welcome Center, or to one of the greeters. Soon, one of the pastors will call you to set up a “get-to-know-you” appointment.

Here is another way to express your desire to join Calvary: just send an email to Cheryl Moses at, expressing your interest in joining the church.

2. Participate in our Discover Calvary classes

Discover Calvary is a six week class, offered three times a year, which chronicles our journey with the Lord.  This course explores our vision and values, our practices and philosophies, and our calling and destiny in the Lord. We are a people on mission with Jesus. These classes are a great way to find out about Calvary and explore what it means to be a part of this faith community. Discover Calvary is one part of the process of becoming a member at Calvary.

To attend our Discover Calvary classes, please contact Cheryl Moses at

3. Get involved in a Journey Group

Our Journey Groups are the life-blood of Calvary. These groups provide us an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships and express God’s love through ministry. Margaret Petry at will be glad to help you find a group to plug into.

4. Get Introduced at a Corporate Worship Service and Attend our New Member Luncheon

Following the Discover Calvary classes and completion of our New Member Process, which includes: a New Member meeting where we get to hear the story of your journey, a luncheon with staff following a Sunday morning service, we will introduce new members to the Calvary family during a Sunday morning worship service.

For more information about Calvary or about joining, please contact Cheryl Moses at (281) 550-4323, x 108.

Join Calvary’s Email Lists and Connect on Social Media

We want to help you get connected and to stay informed. Click here to sign up for Calvary emails. The process includes several steps, including responding to a confirmation (opt-in) email. Sign up today! You will receive weekly updates with Calvary news. You may also opt-in to join the prayer chain email list.

Follow Calvary on Facebook and Twitter: You can now keep up with all of the exciting things going on at Calvary, or share your thoughts and give us your feedback via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. To follow Calvary on Instagram, visit To become a part of Calvary on Facebook, visit To follow Calvary on Twitter, visit or search for @ccchouston.

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