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Hairgrove Partnership

Calvary and Copperfield Church have partnered together…

Calvary has joined with Copperfield Church in a partnership to serve Hairgrove Elementary. Our efforts reflect the Whole and Healthy Children Emphasis for Greater Houston. Caring adults can make a difference in the lives of staff and students in the public arena through mentoring, volunteering, praying, and giving. We long to see transformation in our community. Changing the lives of children, equipping mentors to become change agents, and doing acts of Christ-centered goodness (Acts 10:38) will help us toward our goal of personal and community transformation.

Our vision is to demonstrate the love of Jesus to students, staff, and families of Hairgrove Elementary through service, support, encouragement, and prayer in order to restore our community to God’s design and to impact the lives of children positively for the future.

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