First-love Fast 2023: Ride the Wave

The 2023 First-love Fast has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean the fasting has to stop.

Even though this particular 21 day period is over, I believe there is a grace for us to continue walking in a fasted lifestyle throughout the year. So, Calvary, let’s ride the wave.

As we’ve mentioned throughout the fast, fasting tenderizes our hearts to feel the affection of the Father, and strengthens our hearts with might. Fasting also sensitizes us to the voice of the Lord. Why would we not want to continue in a practice that does these things for us?

Well, I want to encourage you to fast once a week for the rest of this year. I know, I know, we’re all excited about finally eating again and here I am talking about fasting! But hang with me.

A good practice would be to pick a day of the week as a fasting day. Keep this sacred before the Lord. Let it be a rarity that you miss this fasting day. Choose something to fast. I suggest a food-fast, but I also recognize that there might be some medical reasons as to why that is not doable.

Other fasts can include:

  1. Fasting Meats and Sweets (called a Daniel Fast)
  2. Fasting media and Entertainment
  3. Fasting idle speech – only absolutely necessary conversations and/or work-related speech
  4. Fasting negativity – refuse to let anything negative come our of your mouth

Then get a partner who is willing to fast that day with you. Fasting is much easier when you’re doing it with others.

What would it look like for Calvary Community Church to be a house of fasting? What would our services, our Journey Groups, our prayer meetings, our outreach endeavors, Bible studies, and other ministries look like if we covered the remaining 48 weeks of 2023 with fasting? How about we find out!

So, I invite you to ask the Lord what He might have you do, and let’s set our hearts towards obedience and ask for grace. Then let’s ride the wave together.

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