You are God’s Gift

Acts 2:18   Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy

I am alive as a gift. Gifts are meant to be given. My first giving each day is to give myself to God. From that Source, my gift is energized, empowered, and enlightened. So God, I come to you. I present myself before you, acknowledging that I have come from you, you are my Source, my breath, my life, my all.

Oh God, remind me today that you are not interested in my “spiritual life.” You are concerned with my life–all of it. There is no sacred/secular divide. My heart is your home; my body is your temple; my life is your thoroughfare into this world. So fill me now with your Spirit. Remind me today that all I do, everyone I encounter, affords me an opportunity to release my gift into the world.

I will fail in giving my gift if I think I have to be somewhere else, or do something else, or be connected to someone else before I can give my gift. No. All I must do is stay connected to my Source. My Source is Love. If I am to join you on your mission to save the world then I must manifest Love. The greatest power in this world is Love.

Father, help me today to stay connected, to be aware, to live a life surrendered to the power of Love. Today may I expand the boundaries of my capacity to love. May the gift of myself, at work, with my family, in my leisure, in all things, may life spread Love. My calling is to bear the image of God in this world. “God is Love.”

Anne Frank, “….to make the world a better place, no one has to wait a single moment.”

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