First-Love Fast 2023 – A People Prepared for Encounter

For the last few years here at Calvary we’ve been embracing a 21-day fast every January. We call it the First-love Fast. This year it will be from January 9-29. We call it the First-love Fast because it is an opportunity for us to start our year off by setting our hearts in a focused way on the Lover of our souls, Jesus Christ. For 21 days we place our lives before the furnace of God’s love and lock our gaze with the eyes that blaze like fire.

I believe, in this upcoming season of fasting, that we are positioning ourselves to grow more secure in love, strong in the Lord, and sensitive to His voice.  I believe the Holy Spirit is speaking to us in this season, “You are loved. So take courage because I have some things I want to speak to you.”

In Daniel chapter 10, after fasting and praying for 21 days, Daniel has a significant encounter with and angel. During this encounter Daniel was reminded of how much God loved him, he was strengthened with courage and might in his inner man, and he readied himself to hear the message of the Lord.

Just like Daniel, I believe that the Lord wants to do the same beautiful work in us this year.

Maybe you need to encounter the approval, the affection, and joy of the Father in your life. Maybe your head knows that you are enjoyed by God, but your heart doesn’t feel it.

Maybe you need to be strengthened with might in your inner man. Maybe this year has you feeling beaten, battered, and worn. Perhaps you need courage to stand to your feet and lay hold of God’s promises over your life.

Maybe you need to hear a fresh word from the Lord. Maybe you need to be reminded of what He’s already promised. Maybe there’s something about His nature, character, and attributes that He want to highlight to you this year. Maybe He wants to speak fresh vision for your life, your family, and your circumstances.

This January is an opportunity for us to lock arms and position ourselves to encounter God in a fresh way.

Let us join together in the First-Love Fast from January 9-29 and see what the Lord has in store for us.

Further reading and study:
Daniel 10
Luke 2:36-38
Luke 4-1-14

Week 1 – Greatly Beloved

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