Making an Impact Through Loving Houston

First of all, it was an honor to bless the people of our city through Loving Houston on June 8.

After meeting at Calvary for instructions, dividing into teams, carpooling to Mount Ararat Church, partaking in a lovely breakfast prepared by our caring brothers and sisters there, and being transported in a van to our designated areas, we set out to beautify and bless.

My team of four people was excited to make a difference. Then I thought, “Wait! We need a group photo! So we struck a fun Charlie’s Angels pose with our trash pickers, trash bags, gloves, and Loving Houston t-shirts. Then, we got down to business.

We bagged and corralled all types of articles, big and small, heavy and sharp… from ticket stubs to car doors. Then, I thought to myself, “Every item we pick up actually represents a soul that once owned them: that Pepsi bottle, that homework assignment, that bicycle tire, that cigarette butt, that wood thrown out from that burned down house. Those items all belonged to people and we needed to bless each one of those individuals, wherever they are in their life’s journeys. They were not forgotten, and in fact, we needed to claim their souls for Jesus, praying that they’d soon come to the saving knowledge of Jesus.”

So we prayed for the people whom we couldn’t see and whistled while we worked. As I was wishing someone would walk by so that we could share the Lord with them, I spotted a young man in his twenties. He was at the end of the block casting curious glances our way. I decided to call him over to us and met him half way. I asked him if he knew Jesus and he replied that he knew him “a while back.”I said, “Well, would you like to start fresh and new, to rededicate your heart to Jesus?”  He agreed and repeated the salvation prayer with us. We were all happy.

After cleaning more ditches and blessing yards, a man walked out of his home. He thanked us for what we were doing. We told him that we were there to share the love of God. We inquired if he was saved and knew Jesus. After he shared, we were convinced he had a relationship with Jesus. We offered to pray blessings over him and he happily agreed.

As the other ladies were praying mighty prayers for him, I started to have pictures in my mind’s eye. I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I just began to pray aloud what I envisioned. “And Lord,” I said, “If you want to use this man to have youth foundations to mentor children in, rooms with ping pong tables, basket ball hoops, games for children to play after school so they’re not home alone, even a kitchen in case they’re hungry, Lord, then do it.” The other ladies prayed more great prayers. After we were done, he turned to us and said, “I don’t know who told you everything I’m currently doing. But I already do everything you prayed. I work with kids in 6 different cities and I’m just passing through Houston right now while visiting family. I’m headed to Odessa to do more work there with the youth.” We agreed that it was surely the Lord confirming his good work.

After more cleaning and more prayers of blessing, we had another divine appointment. A lady walked by us on her way to work. We asked if she knew Jesus and she said she did, revealing her Holy Bible in hand. We asked her if we could pray for her. As the other ladies prayed, I had another picture in my mind’s eye. The nature of this one had me doubting whether it was God or not. I almost chickened out from inquiring about it. But then I worried that she’d miss out on God’s blessings if it really was from the Lord. After much Holy Spirit prodding, I went for it. “Maim, do you have a daughter?” I asked. “Yes,” she said. So I continued “And, is she with someone that you really don’t like because he’s doing things he’s not supposed to be doing– like he’s really not acting right?” “YES!!!!” she shouted aloud and threw her hands up in the air toward God for his revelation. So, we prayed for her daughter and this man as God led. “Lord, if her daughter’s being abused at all (she interrupted with another huge “YES LORD!!!”), then please put your angels around her and get her to a place of safety and protection. Have this gentlemen come to the saving knowledge of the Lord. Speak to him in dreams, by your word, by ministers, and by friends. Let him come to know you.” She blessed God again and beamed with joy because the Lord met her on her way to work, revealing his great love for her and her family’s situation. We told her that our meeting was by divine appointment and prayed that the situation would be resolved.

After several more streets, we had the pleasure of meeting a lady in front of her home. We also met her neighbor. They both knew the Lord. We prayed for continued blessings. She offered us water and ice. She said we were welcome to anything she had. We let her know we were fine. We prayed for both of them. The gentleman thanked us for the prayers. The lady invited us to visit her again one day in the future.

All in all, we felt more blessed than those we tried to serve. We give abundant thanks to God for the opportunity to serve.


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