Hairgrove Partnership Executive Summary: Impact in 2014-2015

Hairgrove Partnership Executive Summary: Impact in 2014-2015
Calvary Community Church and Copperfield Church have partnered with Hairgrove Elementary School during the 2014 – 2015 school year to be a source of change in the Hairgrove community.

The Hairgrove staff has created an environment where the students in their care feel safe, loved, and cared for. The students are challenged to reach their full potential in a supportive environment where their academic, mental, and physical needs are met. Even though the Hairgrove population is diversified, 85% of the school’s population is considered socio/economically challenged. The Hairgrove staff does an excellent job of teaching the children and are a positive influence in their community.

Copperfield Church and Calvary Community Church are pleased to be a part of an instrument of change for the Hairgrove community. Here is a summary of some of the things the churches have done to support Hairgrove Elementary School and their community. The total monetary value of school supplies, money, food, and volunteer hours was over $77,071.00.

2014-2015 Statistics for the Calvary and Copperfield Partnership (includes donations, cash, and in-kind gifts):

1.   Total volunteer hours for both churches: 1,951
2.   Total dollars applied by the State of Texas: $44,000.00
3.   Luncheon for the staff in August: $476.00
4.   Thanksgiving food and Christmas food and gifts: $11,500
5.   School supply donations: $1,642.14
6.   Clinic donations: $1,000.00
7.   Clothing Drive – cash donations: $355.00
8.   Staff fund and needs: $1,750.00
9.   Meals, snack and prizes for Title 1 camps (10 camps): $2,825.98
10. Title 1 camps:  890 students and staff fed
11. Monthly staff appreciation:  $1,864.98
12. Fall Fest – community members who attended: Est. 1,300
13. Fall Fest – investment:  $7,000.00
14. Food Back Pack Program – pick up and delivered: 45 students
15. Bus Buddies and help for the first three days of school:  18 volunteers
16. Gift cards for custodial staff for Fall Fest:  $50.00
17. Annual Volunteer Appreciation dinner:  $1,235.92
18. Hairgrove Open House: $1,777.24
19. Salute to the Stars donation: $750.00
20. Mentors:  11
21. Field Day – donation of water: $44.27
22. Volunteer Appreciation Banquet: $800.00

TOTAL: $77,071

Most importantly, there are many stories of blessing, testimonies of encouragement, and reports of changed lives as a result of our partnership between Calvary, Copperfield, and Hairgrove.

Also, we want to express our gratitude to several community members and businesses that made anonymous donations to our Hairgrove Partnership. Thank you!
Our Vision for our Partnership Team
We are blessed to partner with Copperfield Church and Hairgrove Elementary.

Calvary has joined with Copperfield Church in a partnership to serve Hairgrove Elementary. Our efforts reflect the Whole and Healthy Children Emphasis for Greater Houston. Caring adults can make a difference in the lives of staff and students in the public arena through mentoring, volunteering, praying, and giving. We long to see transformation in our community. Changing the lives of children, equipping mentors to become change-agents, and doing acts of Christ-centered goodness (Acts 10:38) will help us toward our goal of personal and community transformation.

Our vision is to demonstrate the love of Jesus to students, staff, and families of Hairgrove Elementary through service, support, encouragement, and prayer in order to restore our community to God’s design and to impact the lives of children positively for the future.

Jeff McGee, 8/16/2013

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