First-Love Fast 2024: Week 1 – Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus

For He willeth that we be occupied in knowing and loving till the time that we shall be fulfilled in heaven…for of all things the beholding and the loving of the Maker maketh the soul to seem less in his own sight, and most filleth him with reverent dread and true meekness…

Julian of Norwich

What does it mean to “fix our eyes on Jesus?” What does it mean to “gaze upon the beauty of the Lord?” These phrases sound great, but what does it mean to “behold” the Maker?

When we speak of looking upon God’s beauty, we are speaking of both His appearance and His attributes.

It is a good practice to ponder, think upon, meditate on, and study the divine appearance and attributes of God. Let your mind be overwhelmed by the incomprehensible greatness of God. Stand in the mystery of the Godhead and worship; embrace the unknowing and simply bow in reverent awe.

The Bible gives us a number of descriptions of God’s appearance. We also see God’s attributes on display throughout the Word.

We should not view God’s attributes as a part of God, but rather how God is. He doesn’t possess certain attributes, but rather He is Who He is.

A.W. Tozer says it this way:

“Between His attributes no contradiction can exist. He need not suspend one to exercise another, for in Him all His attributes are one. All of God does all that God does; He does not divide Himself to perform a work, but works in the total unity of His being.

This week, let’s make intentional efforts to find the time to gaze upon the glory of God as revealed through His Word.

Here are some helpful passages to get you started:

Ex. 34:6,7
I Tim. 6:15,16
Rev. 1:13-17
Rev. 4 & 5

Prayer: Holy Spirit, open the eyes of my understanding today. Open my eyes that I may see wonderous things from Your Word. Spirit, reveal the beauty and glory of the Father and the Son to my heart.

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