Celebrating a Year-end Breakthrough

Hey Friends:

Here is some really good news. Let’s celebrate together and give praise and glory to our God. And, I want to say a big “thank you” to everyone who gave faithfully, sacrificially, or extravagantly to help us achieve a year-end breakthrough.

In November, I wrote a blog entitled, Let’s Finish the Year Strong. In that blog and during some services, I noted that we faced a significant financial hurdle and that we needed to finish the year strong financially. We needed to step up so that we could do what we felt led of the Lord to do for 2021.

Here is what I wrote on 11’24’20:

  • To finish the year strong, we need to go from 86% to 95% of budgeted income. So, we need about $260,000 over the next two months. Our monthly budgets for November and December total $195,125.
  • Finishing the year strong means hitting our budgeted income numbers for November and December. We actually took in 102% of our budget in October.

Interestingly, it got darker before the dawn.

November turned out to be one of our worst financial months in a long time. Calvary’s giving fell short of budget for November by $25,089.25. Yikes. That meant that we needed a financial miracle for December in order to finish the year strong.

Then, we experienced a God-sized miracle for year-end.

During the month of December, you stepped up in a big way. Some members stepped up with double tithes. Others gave over and above their regular tithes and offerings. Some others gave sacrificial, one-time gifts. Friends of Calvary stepped up and gave, too. And, many friends and members of Calvary continued tithing and giving faithfully and generously.

With your partnership and the Lord’s miraculous grace, Calvary finished the year at 94.42% of budget. That was a huge leap from the end of November, which finished at 84.91% of budgeted income. Praise the Lord!

To finish the year strong, we needed $260,000 during November and December. You stepped up in a big way and we received $256,852 over those two months. That is miraculous.

A difficult year passed, but it ended with a flurry of generosity. To those who gave, we say “Thank you!” Your gifts will be stewarded well. To those who see God working through this community of faith and want to join Jesus’ work through Calvary, we invite you to get on board this adventure train with one-time gifts or regular tithes and offerings.

Celebrating with you and with the Lord,

Pastor Jeff

PS: Because of your generosity, our tithe to missions from Calvary’s regular gifts enabled us to meet urgent needs in Myanmar. We sowed $6,600 to help missionaries, orphans, and ministries spearheaded by our friends Pastor David and Pastor John.

PPS: Calvary was also blessed to receive a Holiday Grant through our friends at Somebody Cares, who were entrusted with distributing that grant money. We were able to sow another $5,000 to help families and individuals around the Christmas holiday season, including victims of home fires, loss of jobs, and other significant financial crises and needs.

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