What breaks my heart?

In a recent article, the author challenged twenty somethings to ask themselves some questions to help them get in touch with where God wants to partner with them. One question grabbed my attention. What breaks my heart?

“What injustice makes you angrier than a parrot being poked with a stick? And what’s something you can do about it right now? Knowing what breaks your heart can clarify what makes you feel whole” (Paul Angone, www.RelevantMagazine.com, August 13, 2013).

Calvary, we have signed up for Journey Groups because we value authentic community. In our sermon-based groups, we seek to listen to the Lord and respond to what he is saying to us as a congregation. We are getting equipped in our Bible Study and other classes in order to help us partner with the Lord in daily life. We also intentionally seek to extend the kingdom of God in the earth through radical obedience to the Lord.

I want to challenge us to ask the Lord about our place of partnering with Jesus to redeem and restore lives and communities to God’s design. We want to join Jesus on his mission.

Where are you on mission with the Lord? That might be in your home, your neighborhood, or your workplace. But, it can also be in another place. Here are some suggestions. InnerChange Freedom Initiative at the Jester Units in Richmond brings life-change to those who are incarcerated (contact Daniel DeJesus). Redeemed Ministries works with sex trafficking victims (contact Kate Callan). Women’s Prison Ministry works in the county jail (contact Vickie Guillory). His Father’s Heart support group works in restorative justice with women and girls (contact Kathy Vosburg-Miller). Mission Cy-Fair brings wholeness to our community in many ways. Another place to serve is at Hairgrove Elementary (contact Patti Ressler). Or, you can join Jesus on mission in a number of other places.

How do you know where to plug in? Well, you might start by asking the question: What breaks my heart? Or, ask yourself: What do I care about?
Recently, Pastor Jonathan Bynum at Bear Creek United Methodist Church made us aware of a mentor program for juveniles in our area that is transforming the lives of teens and young adults. You can read about REVISION below.

If you don’t know where your passion or calling lies, then consider one of our ministry opportunities as they touch the lives of people or partner with a group like REVISION to see what fits you. Give it a try for a season. Follow your passion or interest and see where the Lord takes you.

On the journey with you, Jeff McGee, Calvary

REVISION is a mentor program for juveniles in lockup at the Leadership Academy of Harris County on Katy Hockley Road (near the intersection of 529) where they meet weekly with a trained mentor. Appreciating that the 77084 zip code had the second highest number of juvenile arrests in Harris County, the REVISION program approached Bear Creek UMC to see whether any members might be interested in working with these kids in trouble. Several of us were incredibly impressed by the program and approach. This is a program that some of your friends may want to join. 

REVISION began its activities in the Gulfton area of southwest Houston, an area that with high apartment density and high crime and gangs. Through the mentoring and follow-on contacts after young boys leave the juvenile facilities, juveniles have the opportunity to meet with new people in a one-on-one visit and to continue that meeting weekly after leaving the facility. REVISION believes that the recitivism rate will decline drastically. Houston police and Harris County sheriff department officers that work with juvenile issues are significant participants in the REVISION program. Please take a look at the video at the website for www.houstonrevision.org

REVISION is a non-profit corporation created by St. Luke’s UMC and St. Martin’s Episcopal. Charles Rotramel is the executive director.

Houston Northwest Community Center, Inc. is happy to host an orientation session for REVISION this next Monday night September 9 at 7:00 PM in Coke I (temporary buildings at the back of the parking lot of Bear Creek United Methodist Church 16000 Rippling Water, Houston, Texas 77084). If you or your church is interested, please let me know. Please contact me at 281-858-8488 (office) or Charles Rotramel at 713-656-6615 (office). 

Harry Thomson
Houston Northwest Community Center, Inc.

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