We Want to “Up Our Game”

The Lord is calling us to return to our first love (Revelation 2:4-5). We want to “give the Lord back that fiery passion which we gave to him before,” as Rev. Mosy Madugba said.

I want to remind us of some important actions necessary for this season in the life of our congregation.

Engaging intentionally in personal and corporate spiritual practices that fuel passion for the Lord

If we want to experience change, we will have to “up our game.” We can’t keep doing what we have been doing and expect to get different results.

Our current activity and engagement in spiritual practices are designed to get the results we are getting. If we want to increase our love and hunger for God, then we must change our spiritual practices and the focus of our spiritual activities.

  • What spiritual practices are you doing on a regular, weekly, and occasional basis to spend time with the Lord, to listen to and have conversation with the Lord, and to get next to the Lord?
  • What spiritual practices help you to express hunger for the Lord and to help you to return to loving the Lord passionately?

Think about it

What do you need to do in this season to seek the Lord, to connect with the Lord, and to spend time with the Lord?

What that looks like for the mom of young children is different than what it looks like for an empty nester. What that looks like for you is different than what it looks like for me.

Regarding regular, corporate spiritual practices

In this season, I am asking members of our congregation to add one day a week of fasting to our weekly spiritual practices. If you can join us on Mondays, that would be great. If you can’t fast on Mondays, then we ask you to find another day of the week that works for you. You decide if you can participate in fasting or not.

And, I am asking our church family to participate in one of our and corporate worship and intercession meetings. We are focusing primarily in this season on seeking the Lord for increased love and hunger in our corporate worship and prayer sets.

Practical Application

When we started this journey together, I suggested that you write down what you are currently doing in terms of spiritual practices. Then, spend time asking the Lord what he wants you to do to ramp up your intentional activity. Adding a day of fasting and making time for corporate worship and intercession need to be included in what you write down.

It is time for a mid-course checkup

  • How are you responding personally to this current word from the Lord?
  • How are you doing in relationship to your spiritual practices?
  • Do you need to make any mid-course corrections, adjustments, or changes? If so, what would those changes be?

If you are stuck or stopped in your response, then I want to encourage you to have a conversation with someone and ask for prayer to get unstuck. Walking in the light and receiving prayer are helpful activities in producing transformational action (1 John 1:7-9; James 5:16).

It will take intentional effort and sufficient energy to change your current spiritual practices in order to remember, repent, and renew.

Whatever you are doing in terms of spiritual practices, remember the “why” of what we are doing. The Lord has called us to return to our first love. We are responding to what the Lord is saying to us as a congregation.

In this season of intentionality, let’s pray for hunger, thirst, and desire for the living God.

Returning to our first love together,

Pastor Jeff

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