To Bless the World

Acts 2:18   Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy.

Each day is an opportunity to bless the world. Should we not bless the gift God has given us? Should we not fulfill the stewardship that has been entrusted to us? Our lives should be lived not merely survived. We are blessed in order to be a blessing. Here are some thoughts that flowed through me as I considered my calling to bless the world, to appreciate the gift, to honor the Giver.

ATTITUDE: As I rise this day, may my heart be set to be a blessing. May I live in the joy of the Lord (Philippians 4:4).

ASSIGNMENT: Dear God, help me today to be like Jesus, who did not come “to be served but to serve.” To start the day off right, I offer my life in service. (Philippians 2:7)

ALIGNMENT: Living Spirit live in me. Flow through me, making my heart tender and compassionate like Jesus. Save me from selfish thinking and selfish living (Philippians 2:1-4).

ATTUNEMENT: Father, help me today with the spiritual practice of slowing. I want to live at the true speed of life…in step with the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:25), attuned to his impulses, sensitive to his touch.

ALLOWING: Fear will fade if I allow love to flourish. There is a Divine Alchemy at work in all who surrender to Love. As my meekness meets the power of Divine Love then Divine Life is formed in me and flows into the world (1 John 4:12, 16). It is the power of love that empowers us to bless the world.

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