Michael Newman

Michael R. Newman, executive director of Christian Coalition for Reconciliation is a licensed and ordained Southern Baptist minister. He is a founding member of Restored Hope Network, and serves on the RHN Advisory Board, as well as Exodus Global Alliance USA. Since 1985 CCR has been equipping churches to proclaim God’s transforming power for fulfillment in His Original Design to those identifying as LGBTQ, as well as those affected by it. Conversant in Spanish and French (MA- Romance Languages), he has also ministered in Canada, England, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela. 

In Houston, Michael is available for conferences on Biblically based and compassionate responses concerning all aspects of the LGBTQ issues. He also disciples and mentors individuals (same-sex attracted and others) in practical applications of growing in their faith. These are face to face, as well as on the telephone, Facebook, Skype, and Whatsapp. Many of these in the cyberworld are Spanish speakers. Many of Michael’s contacts are people he met in Latin America through the years. He has almost daily interaction with them on Whatsapp. These also include pastors, missionaries, church leaders! He also collaborates with a monthly parent support group, as well as being administrative covering for a parent support group in San Antonio. 

Several times a year Michael travels to Latin America to minister. He has ministered in collaboration with like- minded Ministerio Restauracion in Argentina in yearly trainings in Argentina (since 2004) and Colombia (since 2013). In Colombia, he ministers with ministries in Bogota and Medellin. He has ministry contacts there are long- term and ongoing.

His testimony is included in the documentary video SUCH WERE SOME OF YOU, as well as in its entirety at: 

Specific requests:

  • More opportunities for presenting training seminars at churches
  • Greater publicity for CCR
  • More mentoring opportunities
  • Committed persons to establish core group for support for LGBTQ strugglers, as well as for parents
  • Ongoing health concerns
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