Angela Petry

I grew up in Houston, Texas, as a part of the Calvary Community Church family. It was the summer of 2014 when the Lord called me to go to the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOPKC) to become a full time Pastor and Intercessory Missionary. The Lord brought me here to strengthen the church as He raises up wholehearted, unshakable lovers of the Lord. It is my heart to help create a safe and vibrant community where people can connect in meaningful relationships and live out a fearless and loving lifestyle that declares the lordship and worth of the Jesus Christ.

IHOPKC is an evangelical missions organization in the heartland of America, with a divinely inspired mandate to be a continual Joel 2 solemn assembly with prayer and fasting. IHOPKC additionally operates in ongoing outreach, evangelism, and discipleship with a global reach. We function as a 2,000+ member church, as an equipping center (including our university and internships), and as a leader in the global prayer movement. The heart of IHOPKC is our prayer room, where unceasing worship and intercession have continued 24/7, night and day, since 1999. All IHOPKC staff are considered Intercessory Missionaries. We each spend half of our work week in this prayer room, and half of our work week in ministry roles.

Many years ago, it was prophesied that IHOPKC will be known as a family of affection, and that this affection will create great strength and a strong testimony amidst increasing cultural turmoil and global persecution of Christians. It is an absolute joy to work with IHOPKC’s pastoral team and to be a part of building this reality here. I long to see Jesus accomplish everything on His heart in and through this place! In addition to my time in the prayer room, I serve as the Service Pastor in charge of front of house hospitality and volunteer teams at IHOPKC’s church. I spend the majority of my ministry role raising up leaders and pastors, building structures for the church, and in building a family of affection in our midst.

We always appreciate prayers:

  • That the Lord would establish a Family of Affection at IHOPKC, and give the pastoral team wisdom and love as they serve.
  • That the Lord would raise up mighty men and women at this place, trained and mature, to send to the nations.
  • That the Lord would continue to resource, protect, and establish this house of prayer and its people, that we be everything He desires us to be.

For more information about IHOPKC, or to watch the live broadcast of our 24/7 worship and prayer, check out

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