Calvary is a community of people making a journey with each other in following Jesus. That is the heart behind all we do– every ministry, every structure, every program, class, service, or event– we are here seeking to make a place where people can come and meet with God. May this be a place where you and I can encounter our Maker, praise our Father, surrender to our Master, and love the Lord our God with all our heart, and mind, and soul, and strength.

One of the roles of our congregation is to serve the purposes of God. It is our joy and opportunity to contribute to and cooperate with what God is doing in the earth. There are many ways that we serve the Lord and steward the influence he gives us. You can click on the links to the left or read the ministry descriptions below.

It is a privilege to serve and contribute to the purposes of God locally and globally. And, it is s joy to do it with the team of people called to serve together as pastors and staff at Calvary. What joy to partner with such a gifted, devoted, and resourceful team.

We are a team of people who serve the head of the Church, the Lord Jesus Christ, from a local congregation. What a blessing to serve alongside the men and women of our team. We are so proud of the way the members of Calvary do works of service. We are blessed to live in Houston at this time in history.

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