It’s Good to See You!

Hey Friends:

Since March 15, we have had wonderful and significant times of meeting with the Lord in our corporate worship services. We celebrate your faithfulness and the Lord’s presence among us.

Some of you have connected via live stream and on demand. Thanks for being a part of the family of God at Calvary and thanks for working to stay connected and engaged.

Over the past few weeks, several of you have participated in our in-person gatherings for the first time. Welcome back!

And, during the past weeks, we have had several guests joining us in-person for our services. Welcome, friends and neighbors!!

For those of you are connecting via the live stream and on demand, we are grateful for you. Thank you for worshipping God with us and for responding to the Lord via our streaming services.

We are also hearing great reports of what the Lord is doing for those who are attending in-person or online. It is encouraging to hear how the Lord is touching people with his presence and power. Just this past Sunday (Nov. 15), we had several testimonies of people who were touched by the Lord in our service. After the service, I received 3 emails from online participants whom God touched with his presence and power. Yep. These reports and testimonies are very encouraging. Thank you, Lord.

Overflow seating

In our services, family members are being seated together. In accordance with government directives, we ask that family units put 2 chairs between each grouping of people or individuals. Two individuals who are not members of the same household but who are attending together can sit adjacent to one another, with two seats empty on either side.

We have put more space between our rows of seats. So, there are fewer seats in the Prayer Room than before.

On Sunday, Nov. 15, we actually added some chairs in the Prayer Room as people joined us for the service. What a blessing.

Starting on Sunday, Nov. 22, we will again provide overflow seating and live streaming of our services in theCove.

It’s really good to see you and we are grateful for your connection, whether we see you in-person or we “see” you on line.

May the Lord bless you, and keep you, and cause his face to shine upon you. And, may you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week.


Pastor Jeff

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