At What Cost?

What if . . . when you arose Sunday morning to go to your church, you went even though you knew it might be your last time?

What if . . . you realized there was a good chance a suicide bomber would strike the church as you gathered with friends and family to worship God as revealed through Jesus, His Son?

What if . . . you went anyway because you were willing to pay the price to testify by your presence there that Jesus Christ is Lord, and a real and living presence in your life?

These were some of the thoughts that went through my mind as our pastor brought his message yesterday on what it means to be community. As I looked around the congregation at the freedom we have to worship together, I wondered how many would still be there if we, too, were facing the threats to our lives many Christians around the globe today face. I thought of the Coptic Christians in Egypt who lost loved ones from a horrific bombing of their church recently. And, yet, photos of them faithfully taking communion only days afterwards were broadcast on the news. How did they arrive at that point of commitment and conviction?

I asked myself, “Am I prepared?” Are we as a part of the Body of Christ prepared to stand firm in the face of death threats and open hostility toward everything we believe in, toward all that we hold dear? What will it take to wake up the American Church and get her ready?
Our pastor, Steve Meeks, shared with us yesterday that the Lord told him he had ten years to prepare us as a congregation for whatever major changes will be coming our way. I pray that all leaders of the Church will receive that same urgent call, that they will grasp the significance of the hour, and strengthen the faith of the flock to be able to pay the price, whatever the cost.


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