40th Anniversary Videos

What a weekend! It was so fun to celebrate our 40th Anniversary as a church on September 23-25. This past weekend was a significant event in the life of our church. We gathered to celebrate our past and to anticipate our future. Friends joined us from all over Greater Houston. People traveled from many different places across the state and country to join in the celebration. The fellowship and shared experiences filled our hearts with joy.

We have been thanking the Lord for what he did among us in the sharing, worship, and ministry. And, we believe and declare that our 40th Anniversary Weekend was a new beginning, a shift, a threshold, and a transition into a new season for our church community.

God gave us other wonderful blessings in this season. Several friends sent videos and testimonies to share with you about the impact of Calvary on their lives, their ministries, and their nations. Here is one video celebrating Calvary’s 40th Anniversary from Pastor Inese and New Generation Church in Latvia. We sent our first long-term overseas missionaries from Calvary to the nation of Latvia in 1991. Since then, we have impacted 52 nations with teams, partnerships, and missionaries. God has given us deep and lasting relationships with so many people in Latvia, including Pastor Inese and her church. You will receive encouragement, blessing, and impartation as you watch the video.

At this time, we plan to roll out other anniversary videos to Calvary’s YouTube Channel and through social media.

I want to encourage you to watch the service from Sunday morning, Sept. 25, if you have not seen it already. God touched us deeply and powerfully through the worship, word, and ministry. All during the weekend it was such a joy to have Daniel and David Brymer with us leading worship, along with other friends like Olivia Buckles, Toni Ruffino, Jason Womack, and so many other gifted worship leaders and musicians. It was great to have previous staff members and church members join us on the panels and for our services. We are especially grateful that Eddie and Alice Smith got to be with us all weekend. And, Jack and Leesa Deere blessed us significantly with their life messages.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the anniversary weekend such a significant celebration. Thanks to everyone who came and participated. And, thanks to the Lord for what he has done, is doing, and is going to do.

Blessings my friends,

Pastor Jeff

PS: I want to express my appreciation to Joshua Rushing and Cheryl Moses for all they did to help make the weekend a success. Joshua put together an amazing team to help plan the weekend. To all the Anniversary Task Force members, to all the volunteers, to all the cooks, to all the sound and a/v team members, to everyone who worked to get the building ready inside and outside, and to everyone who helped in any possible way… we say a big, “Thank you!

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