Calvary’s Eikon Ministry provides a place of community for young adults ages 18-30(ish). One facet of the Greek word, Eikon, means to be “transformed into the image of Jesus Christ.” We are a community of Jesus-seekers, desiring authentic relationships and opportunities to give away what God has put in us. We seek to share our lives that we may encourage and inspire one another to be more like Jesus- in our homes, our jobs, and our community.

This is a very relational group with a strong sense of “family.” There are over 35 young adults who belong to Calvary’s Eikon Facebook page.  This is an eclectic group with young marrieds (some with children), recent high school graduates, those attending college, and those pursuing various careers. This is a generation that desires to belong, make a difference, and frankly discuss issues about true faith and what it means to be a Christ-follower. We also share a love for laughter.

We have journeyed together through serious illness, marital issues, moves, job loss, and various crises of faith.  No matter what trials we’ve had to weather, the Eikon Group has always been a safe and trusted sanctuary where love, encouragement, truth, and Spirit-led ministry is freely given. The Eikon Group loves to welcome people with open arms!  

If you are interested in visiting our Eikon Journey Group or the churchwide Journey Group Gatherings, please contact Pastor Jeff Chapman at 281.460.1943 or at

We’d love to meet and get to know you!