2016 Annual Reports


Editor's Note:


What an awesome year we have had. I hope you enjoy the work of God among us as you read these annual reports. Take time to thank the Father for the many blessings you will discover within these pages. Your staff has worked hard to help each member of Calvary to see the big picture, to get a glimpse of the broader ministry God is doing through us as a community of faith.

The following annual reports give you the opportunity to get a feel for what you are a part of as a member of Calvary Community Church. These reports help you to glimpse the extent of ministry you are supporting through your praying, giving, and involvement.

Each report is a snap shot of God's life and the activity of his Spirit among us, in us, and through us as a true Christian Community.

Remember that every number represents a person. Every person represents a story. Every story represents a soul created by God and for God.

Then David the king addressed the congregation: "My son Solomon was singled out and chosen by God to do this. But he's young and untested and the work is huge — this is not just a place for people to meet each other, but a house for GOD to meet us" (1 Chron. 29:1, The Message).

Calvary, that is the heart behind all we do– every ministry, every structure, every program, class, service, or event– we are here seeking to make a place where people can come and meet with God. May this be a place where you and I can encounter our Maker, praise our Father, surrender to our Master, and love the Lord our God with all our heart, and mind, and soul, and strength.


2016 Annual Reports:

Benevolence Ministry

Children's Ministry

Counseling Ministry

EIKON Group - Young Adults

Facility Care Ministry

First Reponders Ministry

Greeter and Usher Ministry

Hairgrove Partnership

His Delight - Ladies' Ministry

Journey Groups and Ministry Opportunity Groups

Men's Ministry

Missions Ministry

Prayer Room @ CCC

Thrive Student Ministry

Welcome Center Ministry