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Need Prayer?


There are multiple avenues of prayer here at Calvary. The following are a few ways to give and receive prayer:


Sunday Morning Service

At the end of most Sunday morning services (Ministry Time), Ministry Teams are invited to the altar to minister to anyone who would like to receive prayer. Completion of Foundations for Power Ministry and Ministry Team Training 1 is required to pray on a Ministry Team. This is a chance to give and to receive prayer. If you need prayer, please share your need with one of the teams at Ministry Time.


Intercessory Prayer LIST

To include your prayer request on the Intercessory Prayer email list, please email Cheryl Moses, or call the church office at 281.550.4323.


Journey GROUPS

Most of the ministry at Calvary happens in Journey Groups. Through Journey Groups, we receive ministry and minister to others; we are known and we get to know others. Visit the Journey Group page for a list of available groups.



Ministry Teams are groups of believers who are trained in the Ministry Team Training model. They minister to seekers as a team through prayer, depending upon the Heavenly Father to touch the seeker and/or situation. Contact the church office at 281.550.4323 in order to request a ministry team. An appointment will then be set up for prayer.